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Default 64 Thunderbird Won't Move So Trans or Axle?

Just bought a 64 Thunderbird Convertible knowing that it has some issues. It has sat in a dry garage for about three years with not much driving time over those years. This spring the prior owner back it up in into the driveway without a problem but when he tried to pull forward the car would not move. He kept shifting back and forth and finally made it back in the garage where it has been sitting. I can do much work in that garage but I jacked up the wheels off the ground and found the brakes are not locked up. Emergency cables are disconnected.
When in drive the rear wheel seems to turn just enough to put some torque to the leaf spring but it does not move the car forward or back. As he shifted from forward to reverse to neutral I did hear a pretty loud clicking or clattering sound from the transmission. I jacked it back up with wheel off the ground and running and the would at times start turning either way when switching from forward to reverse. I checked the axle level and it just needed a two-ounce top off. Since I can't do much work there I need to decide if I should flatbed it home for the axle work or to a tranny shop if it is the tranny. Any better diagnosis ideas out there or someone that has been there with the same issue?
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