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Originally Posted by Indianasquarebird View Post
I just brought home a 60, 352. Sitting for at least 7 years. She is in my garage now. One of my earliest orders of business is to see if she fires, therein my seeking sage advice from the group.
So i shall get to it:
Beyond, the ordinary precautions, clean clear carb, marval magic, in the pistons, clean plugs, points, gap, starter connections, (or assemble a remote starter), roll the engine a little, crankshaft, while in neutral,squirt more marvel,fresh battery,take valve covers off, inspect them, and kaaazammmm, she
I apologize: Here is my question. I do not have the skill set to "prelube the bearings, valves" that i have heard about, by placing an old distributor without the gear in the engine and crank the oil pump that way..Is there another way to lube up an engine that has been setting, so i don't score the bearings, and/or is their something that I may have missed in my setup to start this beauty.
Thank you very much.
In my haste it slipped my mind to congratulate you on getting her home. Congratulations !

It's my opinion that this pre-oiling chore is a very good idea. Marking your distributor rotor position on the intake manifold before pulling the distributor will give you the spot you need for re-installation.

Maybe a separate can for fresh fuel draw and skip the fuel tank.

Being a draft tube engine it may smoke alot when it warms up from the oil sludge accumulated in the valley, etc.

Are you going to video the start-up ? It's the next best thing to being there.

Let us know how you make out.
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