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I'll start off with the questions. My son has a '60 with the 30-amp generator and we've been chasing a charging issue for months now. Here's what's been done. Replaced all three wires between the generator and the regulator using 10ga. for the ARM between the regulator and the generator, 12ga. for the field lead between the generator and the regulator, and a black 16ga wire for the ground between the gen and the regulator. All terminals were soldered on and sealed with shrink wrap. Generator has new brushes. Regulator has been replaced three times now. Here's why; First one worked for about a week and the cutout relay stopped pulling in (closing). The second one quit charging after completely burning out the brushes in the generator coming back from a car show. Now I'm on #3. While idling, there's 14.8v at the ARM terminal of the regulator. I have 12.0 at the battery. The GEN light glows dimly at an idle, gets brighter as the engine speed increases (If I momentarily full-field the generator it'll shoot up to 17 volts). Voltage at approx. 2,000 rpm is 15.2v at the ARM terminal. Battery voltage stays right at 12.0. Car currently has a 3-day-old battery in it, and it starts right up. Regulator is a BWD brand R156P. Supposed to be "bulletproof" according to the counter man at O'Reilly. The 1960 factory shop manual diagnostic procedure is not helpful, and is rather confusing on this subject (I don't know anyone that has a 0-100 amp ammeter or a carbon pile rheostat). I know the battery voltage should be around 13.5v if I'm correct. The generator has been polarized a couple times. Obviously I'm missing something, but its about to drive me insane! Any ideas??? Tim
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