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Originally Posted by sidewalkman View Post
I'm pulling the top of the motor off, I have the luxury of having a spare 60 352 so I'm going to liberate the heads off of it to compare which is better, then plane and replace, same with the manifolds. Is there a way to block the crossover? I'm gutting the heat riser valve of course. No point, especially now with the electric choke!
Yes, truly a luxury.
If it was recently rebuilt, then things should be fairly clean on the underside of the intake manifold and valley. On ours, a thick oil sludge was present so there was alot of cleaning involved, and then the nearly blocked oil pump pickup, scarey.

But for the exhaust crossover we recessed a piece of 3/16 aluminum with high heat epoxy. Covered with the orange exhaust permatex flush with the exhaust crossover port and then the S-3 intake manifold gaskets from Fel-Pro. The S-3's are not a perfect port match but we wanted the metal core on the gaskets.
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