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Default 1963 generator or alternator

The generator light on my 63 had been flickering, would go off with acceleration, and is now on solid all the time. I hooked up my battery charger/diagnostic and the battery is fine (12.6 volts) but alternator says "low". I read that some 63s have generators and some alternators. First question: How do I know what I have (I see it, down low on the passenger side of engine). Second: whatever it is, I started to loosen the main bolt, which was really, really tight, finally loosened just a bit, and was very slowly coming out but got to a point where it seems like further loosening is doing nothing. I figured I'm in over my head and decided to re-tighten again, and now even though I'm turning the bolt clockwise with my torque wrench it's not going back in. Anyone have a clue what's going on?
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