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Default Fuel return line

My 66 is at a shop being body-prepped and painted. When I get it back I'm installing a fuel return regulator. (I'll also be installing a crash cutoff switch to the fuel pump.)

The fuel supply line currently comes up on the left side of the engine and crosses over the top of the engine, connecting to the right side of the carburetor. Are there any considerations (safety, etc.) arguing against running the fuel supply line along the firewall (left to right) and connecting to the carb from behind the engine? This would reduce exposure to engine heat and simplify the installation of the regulator and return line.

Return line would run back to the tank parallel to the fuel supply line. Plan is to connect the return line to a connector installed on the sender unit. (That seems to be the easiest, safest way to do it: drain the tank, remove the sender, drill sender, screw on return line connector hardware, reinstall sender, connect return line, reattach electrical connector.)

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