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Default 2018 Calendar

I am pleased to announce that there will be a 2018 Calendar this year after all! For the last two years, it has been a struggle to come up with enough qualified entries to consider, but I did! So many of our Forum members have already had their Tbirds selected since I have been doing this these last nearly 10 years! Again this year, there were several candidates that I could not consider because their photographs were not in the proper format that would allow them to be used in a calendar. For those who want to be considered for 2019, please read the thread in the Anything Goes Forum on Squarebird Calendar Picture Guidelines.

The calendar will again be printed by Create Photo Calendars, who have provided me with terrific assistance in putting it together, at decent costs. I will published detailed information on how to go about ordering a complete, hole punched and bound calendar shortly. I am awaiting my final proof of the calendar before I publish the ordering information. It is my intention to again publish the calendar in the Anything Goes Forum as I did last year, at Dave's ~ simplyconnected suggestion. When I do, it can be downloaded and printed out for FREE by those who want to print it out one month at a time, or the complete calendar. If the latter, I would suggest using a stiffer paper (the calendar is printed on 90lb paper), take it to Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos, etc., and have them hole punch and bind it for you. I have no idea how much they might charge to do that. I can tell you this though. This company has provided the lowest pricing yet that I have been able to find to do the printing for us and handle the entire transaction for me! I think you are going to love the cost and the quality...

Thank you to all of those who worked with me to get me good pictures to consider. There will certainly be a few surprises this year again, as there often are!

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