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Default I've put it off long enough

I'm finally going to tackle the exhaust manifolds. The PO rebuilt the engine about 8K ago, and I'm thinking he noticed an exhaust leak and instead of dealing with the undoubtedly warped manifolds, he doubled up on the gaskets on each side. So factory is none, I have 2 per side. I've going to start tonight to rectify it. I put on a new Edlebrock carb and during the test drive was checking out the secondarys when the whole back of the outermost gasket blew out, from top bolt to bottom bolt. Although I like a throaty exhaust note, this is WAY over the top.

I've got a big block of completely flat cedar, about 24" long by 12" wide by 8" deep that I'll use to mount a sanding strip and sand the mounting surfaces flat, if they're too far gone I'll take it into the shop to plane. My hope is I don't snap any bolts....wish me luck, I'll report back with hopefully some pics if I can remember how to post them.
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