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Default Latest TBird Caper

So, about a month ago I changed all my under hood fuel lines
(I know !!!! I should be running hard line) The fuel filter weighed a ton) It's a wonder it ran.
So, I installed one of those glass jobs with the removable fltr element.

Right away I noticed little floaters in there.
So the next day I'm driving and it just quit on me.
That filter was plugged solid. Looked like old coffee grounds.
I can only imagine what the inside of the tank looks like. I put a tank in it
for my dad years (decades) ago.
A new one from TBHQ is about $250 (Not Bad)
So that's the next thing I guess. I need to keep it in good running order as it's the "extra" car now. No 94 S-10 as aback up veh. (Sold it - shouldn't have)

Then get the top working . . . The list continues

Just don't have time or $$$$ for it right now.
John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)

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