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I had to lift bird higher first attempt didn't fare so well. I have been at it all day and this car is the last to get over to the property , that swaybar put a big hurt on me, (and today my legs feel the pain) But I had in my mind to get all done that day, so all was left is to tow it home. and a BIG thanks to Dave Dare who with a emergency call for Help , Dave put my wheel hub on and help find missing washer , I was so fazzled and stove-up, Dave help calm me and we found the part we needed . Yay made my day. I know it sounds simple to those who are familiar with wheel bearings and what could be hard about putting on one suspension bar, well let me tell you, I ask that bar the same question? we went at it "mano a mano" . and today my body is asking me are you sure you won. my legs feel like I climb the stairs all day. haha.
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