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Originally Posted by Djweaz View Post
Dave & John: Iím thinking it is the switch gone bad. This is probably the 4th time the window refused to move up or down. It is at random times when it does it. I used the switch to the passenger back window and it went up and down no problem. I have to leave it like that until after Sunday. My youngest daughter is getting her senior pictures taken with it. Iím going to replace all 4 switches and get I done and over with. Also Monday I am calling new port engineering about my wiper kit. The schematic doesnít mesh with hooking up the new motor to the existing connections meaning itís not as long as the part being replaced so that both bolts can be reached. So I am missing something either in parts or how I am reading it. I donít know if people tell you how great you two are or not but you are. I was talking to somebody the other day about getting frustrated and had to walk away from it for basically the entire summer. My ballast resistor died so I had to replace it. I went to the Nashville Good-Guys in late spring and broke down 3 miles from the house. I was able to limp it back home. And had to wait for the parts store to open nd get ANOTHER ballast resistor. Drove to Good-Guys. While waiting in the long line to get in and get my spot I started running hot when we parked I was losing antifreeze from an on/off switch area that the previous owner put in because the heater core was bad. I found out that you should never block off the antifreee that it needs to flow. Someone else told me if he remembers right that the thunderbird wasnít very reliable in the first place let alone all the other cas back then
I just recently installed the Newport wiper motor on my 59 T-Bird. I had to drill one of the mounting holes on the Newport mounting plate out to just a little bit over 1/4 inch in order for the holes to be wide enough apart for the screws to be able to thread into the t bird mount. Or, you could drill both holes out a little bigger than they are. I didn't call Newport about this, but maybe I should have. Maybe I still should, so they know there is a slight problem.
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