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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Put your starter motor on your work bench, and take the inspection plate off. Look at the commutator segments and brushes. If the segments look good (no black burn marks, taper or egg-shape, go on to the brushes. If the brushes look bad, replace them.

Your Bendix gear is supposed to disengage anytime power is interrupted or when the flex plate rotates faster than the starter motor.

If all looks good, your Bendix gear is probably going south. Buy and install a new one or trade-in your starter motor for a remanufactured one. - Dave
Couple of things I'm curious about:
One is..... does it mean anything if the bendix continues to spin after it disengages.
And second, I sometimes hear the bendix continue to spin for a second or so after the engine has started.
Do either of the two conditions mean it's probably the bendix? I'm planing on changing the brushes anyway, I'm just wondering.

Thanks again.
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