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Default Fitting an aerial to a Flairbird

Hi Ray,
Post this in Anything Goes in Squarebirds if you think it's worthwhile but if not enjoy the read!

Today I decided to fit an aerial to my '66 Town Landau, the old one was broken off prior to me buying the car 12 years ago. (some things take time!)

First I removed the left front wheel and inner fender - wasn't TOO hard.

Undid the old broken aerial base

Took the middle of dash out - also not to hard, so far so good.
"Tie string to end of aerial lead to make feeding the new lead easier" said the manual.

Did that after cutting off the old aerial base but no way was the lead going anywhere.

After much heaving and cussing I cut the old radio end off and duct taped the string to that end and pulled it through.

Fitted the new base then duct taped the string to the new end and pulled from the inside of car, the lead went in so far then stopped 'somewhere' and no amount of cajoling could get it to budge, even standing on my head looking under the passenger side of the dash revealed nothing.

So poked the rest of the lead through the hole - then found the new grommet was too big for the hole! (I had earlier noticed the new lead was thicker than the original) I tried every trick in the book but no way would it fit.

So in disgust I ended up using duct tape and body putty (dum-dum) to seal the hole!! Argh!

Notice the duct tape showing quality workmanship. ( no wrinkles!)

Then when refitting the inner fender the captive bolt broke loose and I had to use vicegrips and the help of my beloved to remove the offending bolt.

Finally, with all this effort I shed more blood than was lost at Gallipoli with my hands looking a tad chewed up, playing with a wolverine would have been less detrimental to my hands.
And spent about six hours doing so.

For you information and entertainment!!

Regards from sunny New Zealand, hopefully all is well with you.

Here are the pix that Tom sent me!
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