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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Hold the fort...
Let's look at this a little closer...

Personally, I don't like using residual valves. Your M/C is mounted above the wheels so you don't need one. If you're worried about rear shoe wear, install self-adjusting kits for 11" brakes. A residual valve on the rear shoes will only keep the wheel cylinder pistons out and you won't know when the brakes need adjusting. This is important. A self-adjuster will actually turn the star wheel, which is what you want.
I agree completely regarding the residual valves. I tried running them on my ratrod, they failed in short order. I have a number of friends that have also fought and gave up on them. They really only help in situations where the master is lower than the wheel cylinders by keeping the pressure from draining back to the master. I have learned that the only time they really matter, at least in my case, is when you first start off in the car after it's sat for a bit. IE, a stop light isn't long enough for me anyway. I have just gotten in the habit of pumping the brakes up in the rod before I set off.

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