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Default Abs Brake Kit Probs

HI DAVE... You really got me thinkin about caliper mnt brkts being universal L or R, and of course, putting the caliper front or rear..The very short instructions show , fwd mnt caliper. SO...I phoned ABS today..They said Fords usually mnt FWD side..But YES these brkts will go either way....As delivered the brkts were PRE ASSEMBLED, to fit FRONT side OF SPINDLE. ...I always follow instructions, specially from the Lady, so the rest is history.So bottom line is ...a closer check of full lock to lock would have saved this problem from getting to the dangerous stage.I AM going out now to change caliper positions ...I will report back..THANK YOU DAVE..OBVIOUSLY you are a guy with LOTS of first hand Knowledge...and not afraid to share it CHEERS TERRY ABS KIT #624 1958-60 THUNDERBIRD ...1958-64 FORD FULL SIZE CAR

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