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Default Brake Shoes

I was not able to talk to a real person at Rock Auto so I went to their website and was able to obtain a return lable for the centrix shoes I purchased from them. Hope they will refund my money. These are the shoes that I measured the rivet depth to be 1/32 inch on the front shoe of a set. Ironically, I was looking in my 60 shop manual this morning and it says: A brake shoe should be relined when the lining face is worn to within 1/32 inch of any rivet head or when the lining has been soaked with oil or grease. I guess I am not totally nuts ,yet. While I was looking in the manual I noticed a spring which attaches from one shoe to the other on the front brake assembly. It runs just below the wheel cylinder and above the spindle. My car does not have that spring on either side. Anyone know if this spring is necessary? The brakes worked fine prior to the car being set up on blocks. Thanks

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