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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
...Points on new units still need to be cleaned, just as ignition points do. A business card usually does the trick.
I'm a little more aggressive with the abrasive. I use 170-200 grit to knock down any peaks and to make the contacts conform to each other. All it takes is a few swipes, up and down for both sides of the contacts.

I'm posting the regulator that Marcelo sent to me from his '60 T-bird. I went through the contacts. This one is made by Echlin, a very good name in automotive electrics (and made in USA).

John, to 'prove' the generator, pull the field wire off the regulator and apply +12 to that wire. You should have a volt meter on your battery so you can see the voltage climb. Bump the rpms up to 1,200 or so. Your generator should have no problem outputting 13.5-14 volts, shown on the meter. When you get there, re-connect the field wire back to the regulator. If you don't get 14 volts, your generator is suspect. - Dave
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