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Default Auto transmission fault - no forward drive.

I need advice on a fault with my 65 Landau 390 with original (rebuilt) auto transmission. Took it for a drive yesterday and a couple of miles up the road it seemed to need more revs than usual to pull away at a junction. Next I stopped at traffic lights, put it in neutral and when I selected drive to pull away I had no forward gears at all. Reverse is fine, there are no fluid leaks, smells or tranny fluid discolouration.

The gearbox was rebuilt about 500 miles ago, in 2012 and the engine was rebuilt in 2015, so it should be fine.

I knew I had no kick-down linkage from before the rebuild, but I am mystified as to how such a drastic failure could occur so suddenly.

Transmission testing and repair is beyond my DIY skills, but can you guys suggest any tests I can carry out just by jacking the car up on the driveway?

Would be eternally grateful for any advice, but keep it simple guys. Thanks
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