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Default Interior colors

For 1960 Tbirds the ONLY red color for the exterior was Monte Carlo Red, Paint Code J, M30J Paint Code 1232. My idea regarding the interior red color being the same paint code as the exterior color appears to be wrong! Here is the Exterior Paint Code breakdown for that 1960 Ford Thunderbird Monte Carlo Red. Once you know that information any good automotive paint store should be able to put that color into cans for you.

As you can see, it lists the various paint codes of several different paint companies for Monte Carlo Red. The Ford Code of M1232, Ditzler PPG 71054, Dupont 4072H, 246-94124H, & 93-94124H, Acme Rogers 8870, Martin Senor 1328, Shermin Williams 6654.

I just spoke with Carl ~ partsetal on here, who knows a great amount about our Squarebirds. He happens to have a physical copy of the 1960 Ditzler Automotive Finishes for the Falcon, and the Tbird. The form does not actually state that it is the Interior Codes for the 1960 Squarebird, but Carl states that it is, for on the front it states 1960 Exterior Colors. I happen to have that copy in a .jpg file, but not the back of it. On the back it lists the interior red paint color for the 1960 Falcon and Tbird as DUCO #83913, Ford Part #1320. It does not call it Monte Carlo Red, just Red. So the idea I had regarding the interior being the same Monte Carlo Red appears to be incorrect. Hopefully, with this additional information, you will have what you need. Below is what Carl just sent me. Here is the page from the Dupont 1960 Ford Motor Company Color chart which was reissued January 1962. Keep in mind that at that time DUCO was the trade name for Lacquer and Dulux was the trade name for Enamel.

To obtain color codes for other makes of cars, years, models, just click on the appropriate links. I hope this is the information that you were looking for. BTW, I just saw what jopizz posted and he is correct. After some 50 years of fading what you have in the interior of the car now is probably not going to match up with the color it used to be when new, due to sun fading... So he gave you a very good tip on what to do.
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