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Hi All,
I realize the bad reputation ebay parts have, but I have bought 1000's of items on ebay and I am happy with them.

I realize there is a lot of garbage out there being peddled on ebay, so ebay parts get a bad rep. However if you look carefully, you can find the same name brand parts for a fraction of the cost of buying from a parts store. I'm assuming this is because the sellers on ebay do not have employees or rent to pay. So, one can still buy quality parts on ebay and get a great deal. I could not afford to have this car hobby if I had to pay full price for everything I buy.

I think I may need to put the front end on hold for a bit. I pulled the front carpet yesterday and found more rust then I expected. I am now concerned that the rot may go much deeper than I thought and I may be fixing issues on a rotted frame. I'm going to assess the rust first before continuing.
I'll post shortly about the rust.

Thanks again.
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