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Maybe you have gotten really lucky and ended up having a C6 in there and you do have a vacuum line to a modulator and the modulator has gone bad. Hard to tell from those close ups. But one easy way to tell, shoot us a photo of what the bell housing looks like. Does it look like the trans has a housing integral to the transmission (IE, it's all one piece), or is it two different sections?

If you do have a C6 in there, I'd be curious to see photos of how the shift linkage was done, since I am midway through installing a C6 in my 58.


Originally Posted by inheritance View Post
I went out to take a closer look at the transmission.

I'm going to need a few cans of brake clean before i'll be able to decipher any relevant tag numbers.

It seems my transmission has a vacuum line on it, which might mean it was from a '63 or later. I believe the engine was out of a 63 mercury maruader, i don't think my pap would of used that cars transmission but it appears he may have.

I don't have any issue with it shifting really except I noticed a little delay with it kicking in to gear, when selected.

I'm afraid to remove the rubber hose from the "vent tube" but i guess i will let the car run for a while on the jackstands with the hose off and see how much total fluid ends up coming out of it.

Ill report back some findings once i get some cleaning under there and once i unplug the vent
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