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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
(Aaron, I deleted that huge picture because it was wider than 800 pixels.)

Aaron's Brakes: How did you adjust the output shaft on your booster? - Dave
No problem Dave I noticed my error and tried to fix it at about the same time as you removing it, its no problem at all.

And as far as my brakes, I don't HAVE a booster! I really think I need one, but i don't have the bracket! Yes i seen some making their own bracket but im not convinced of my ability to do so. So my 59 has DRUM brakes at all 4 corners, (originals not granada, etc) and although it says Power Brakes on the pedal, and it HAS the small bellows type booster, it DOES NOT have a firewall booster and it really in my opinion needs one. I'm using a master cylinder for a manual drum brake car. It works although I seem to only be getting front brake action. My rears have not really started to show that pressure that the fronts do and it takes "priming" the pedal once to get ANY type of stopping power on the 2nd application of the brake pedal. It's been this way for years and i really thought the master cylinder would fix this, but until i get it bled further I really can't say what is going on.

I am in the market for anybody's used booster bracket although I know how rare and unobtainable these can be. I'm going to go take some more pictures this evening and post so you can better see what im doing.

Would seperating the rear brake circuit from the "pressure switch" help? I have it that way on my 65 mustang drum brake car and it stops great. Worlds difference to the bird.
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