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Default 59 bird parts for sale

hello all, i have a 1959 352 complete motor (4 bbl carb,generator,starter ect) for sale also a 59 cruse o matic 3 spd automatic. motor and trans were running good at the time of removeal. no smoking or knocks,shift points were good. i dissasembled the motor only for inspection purposes.and i wouldn`t want to stick someone with a bad engine. what i found was...block should be tanked(fair amount of carbon and sludge in heads and lifter valley). cam and lifters had good but normal wear.valves looked excellent. very little ring groove mostly carbon build up.i removed freeze plugs and pressure washed block and inner water passages.afer inspection i buttoned engine back up...please bear in mind that timing is not correct also nothing is tourked to spects. i am selling engine for a good solid 59 rebuild. price for complete unit is $500.00 i also have a 59 under dash booster and single mc. i guess $75.00 would be a good price for booster and mc.these items will have to be picked up, not to swift on shipping and pay pal. i am located in north central Ohio....# 419 606 0588 thanks for your time....Sid
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