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Default Hurricane Irma Report....

I have been in contact with friends in the Florida area and one of our Forum members, Joe Johnston in the Tampa area. Of about a half dozen friends who live in Florida, I have only heard from two so far, one of them being Joe. They are both okay and so is Joe's Tbird. I will post a pic of the action he took to protect his cars prior to the hurricane and what he had to say.

"Both garage doors are braced with a 2 x 4 and Thunderbirds rolled up tight. Don't know if its a good idea or not, but will add a bit of resistance to the wind bowing them in. Third bay will be blocked later this afternoon. About all we can do now is wait!"

He just emailed me this. In fact I now see him logged into the Forum!
"We are doing well and very thankful for NO DAMAGE!! Power went out 8pm last night and back before noon this morning. Some trees are down in our development but no significant damage to homes. No flooding either. Others in the county are not so fortunate. Everyone is checking on their neighbors and helping if needed. Our curfew was lifted early this afternoon, but we have no intention of going any where. Thanks for keeping me in mind. J"

As I hear from other Forum members and how they faired, I will let you know...
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