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Default Seat cover recommendations?

John, and others reading this... When it came time to replace my crumbling foam cushions under the front and back seats, I ordered them from one of the suppliers. After receiving them and taking them to my guy who did my interior (a fantastic interior guy who does a lot of classic cars) he asked me how much I paid for them... I told him and he told me that I should have asked him how much he would have charged me to make them, which he does all the time... What he said he would have charged me was a lot less then what I paid for them... On top of that, he had to re-work the rear seat foam because it was not fitting correctly as it was manufactured. That cost him time and effort, but in the end, I think I have fantastic looking seats in Rose... I have since heard others on here say, either in print or privately, that they also had problems installing these seat foams and had to mold them to make them fit correctly..... So John, now you know what it is going to cost you for new foams from one of our parts houses... Ask the guy down the road how much he would charge you. You might get a nice surprise.....

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