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Default Seat cover recommendations?

I have a red and white interior (XG). I am at a point of wanting to replace the seat covers as the drivers is cracking on the rear and the colors were never quite correct. Also my rear foam is at the graham cracker stage of life.

I was looking at MACs Fall 2017 catalogue and found a complete set of covers (f & r) for $505. Rear seat foam for $409. So I am looking at $914 plus shipping plus installation.

Last week I got motivated when MACs sent out an email saying they were having a sale and 15% off for orders $300 and over.

I emailed them to confirm and was told it was good until midnight tonight (9/10). Great!

Got online and found the prices had changed. Now $585 and $423. Hmmmmm

Put them in the basket and applied the coupon code. My total dropped to . . . $938.

In other words they seem to have increased the price since the Fall catalogue (but it ain't even Fall yet! ) and then offered a sale that simply got things back where they were.

Maybe this is as good as I can do.

Anyone got any better experiences??

(I don't need front foam . . . did that about 8 years ago)

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