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Default Tranny Problems Of Inheritance

I recently re-did a portion of the front end on my 59. Replaced the ball joints, tie rod ends, and did some rehab to one of the control arms which had a small crack and a broken shock retainer. This was months ago and I really haven't drove the bird too much since then, it lives jacked up in my garage.

So the other day I had noticed that I had some washers that I remember that fit in FRONT of the lower control arms. So i went out yesterday and dropped the coil spring and lower control arms back out so I could install the shims.

I noticed that while it takes 1 shim on the passenger side, it takes 3 on the drivers side. That's how many total I have is 4 total shims.

My question is, is this normal for one side to be shimmed more than the other?

Current arrangement
Drivers side FRONT lower control arm 3 shims
Passenger side FRONT lower control arm 1 shim

I know not to tighten the control arm mounting bolts until the car is lowered and weight is on the vehicle, but I haven't done that yet as I ordered a master cylinder from a 68 mustang with drum brakes that I am going to retrofit onto the bird just so I can actually go for a drive.

Thanks in advance, its a lot of work tearing the front end all apart for a couple stinkin washers.
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