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Default strange occurance

Hey everyone, took the tbird for a pretty long drive today, she was driving great, came home parked the car for about 20 minutes or so, when I took her back out I reversed out the the drive way into the street, dropped it into drive and it seemed different, like is was not fully in drive, as I drove her she started to stumble, like she was going to stall, I was giving her gas and the motor shook, she stalled, i popped the hood checked all my wires to make sure they were all connected, they were, let it sit for a few minutes, got her started again, idled like crap, engine shaking, like it wasn't getting any gas, started to drive back home, I was only a few blocks away, then she started running great, like nothing was ever wrong, got home in the garage, revved her a few times, great no problems, shut her off, a few seconds later started her up again, rough idle, engine shaking.
I disconnected the fuel line to the carburetor to check to see if the fuel pump was working, it was, checked the fuel filter, looked ok, just replaced it a month ago, but the gas was real red with sediment in it, the gas tank probably needs to be cleaned out., the carburetor is brand new, cleaned the plugs, wires look pretty new, i'm at a loss, any idea's what could cause this, now i'm afraid to take her out just in case this happens again. thanks everyone!
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