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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
Hi Iffy! I see you figured out pic posting! Congratulations! What I do not see is a combination valve installed in your dual MC/Dual Booster system. It has always been my understanding that you need one in that installation. In fact, if you put one in and do the wiring off it, you can keep that Gen light working.. I am sure Dave or John will probably comment on this also. I also see that either the original color of your Tbird was not Raven Black but Red. Or sometime in the past, had been painted red...
Hi Ray,
You are correct, I do not have a combination valve, it wasn't necessary for a drum/drum setup. My gen light is still functional.
I had to put in a combination valve for a hydro-boost system I did for my '71 Bronco, but that is a disk/drum. Disks need a residual valve that wasn't in the MC, plus it allows you to adjust bias between front and back.

I'm not sure what that color is, but I like it. Kind of an orange?
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