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Talking Me & A Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey....

I am receiving a good number of inquiries regarding my situation and Hurricane Harvey. Here is how it is going here so far. We had a bright, sunny day, with just a spot of rain late in the afternoon and so far tonight, it is still quiet here. Harvey has come onto shore at Rockport, about 161 miles south of me, and about 80 miles from my son's home in Cuero. Cuero seems to be in the direct path of this presently Cat 4 storm, which is thought it will go down to a Cat 1 after it comes fully on shore. My son, family and friends are enjoying a Hurricane Party in his ManCave in the garage, shooting pool and probably tossing a few cold ones. He plans on riding out the storm, and it would not be the first one he has.

As for me, they are predicting about 10-12" of rain here, with winds from 55-80mph or so over the next few days. Much depends on whether or not this storm keeps heading North, as they often have in the past and downgrading as it goes. But this one is thought that it will stall shortly after landfall and sit there for several days and spin and spin, dumping all that water in it from the Gulf and flooding everything with rain from 35-53 INCHES! Then they think it will head back out into the Gulf again, and take a turn towards Houston or New Orleans. Neither of which can handle a ton of rain because they are just barely above sea level in Houston, and below sea level in New Orleans. We know what happens to that city with excessive rainfall.

IF this thing keeps going North, then it looks like it could go right through San Antonio. It would not be the first time, as we had one do that in the early 1970's with 100mph winds. IF I lose power, and John ~ Jopizz or Dave ~ simplyconnected do not see me logged onto the Forum, they will take over until I get back up. If I keep my power, I will post from time to time to let you know which county I have been blown into, or if I am still in my chair in front of the PC! Thanks for the concern of those who have written or called me to see how we are doing. As the night goes by, and Harvey gets closer, it might get to be a little wild through the night, tomorrow and Sunday...

Here is my link to and what the radar is showing now. You can zoom in and out for better viewing.

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