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Originally Posted by Frango100 View Post

I donīt know if the Edelbrock 1405 is also more prone to this problem than the original carburator, but also donīt forget that we have 27% of ethanol in the fuel here in Brazil and the bowls are just completely dry each time. I normally drive the bird at least once a week. But I donīt want to overload the starter and battery and donīt like the extended starting times, so that's the reason I will put on the electrical pump.
I haven't noticed any problems with Edelbrock carburetors that I've had running dry. 27% ethanol is a lot. I have seen check valves that you can put in the fuel line to keep it from running back into the tank but as Dave mentioned you have one in the fuel pump. Depending on where you are putting the electric pump you may have the same issue if it's related to the amount of Ethanol in the fuel. If the fuel is evaporating even an electric pump may not totally solve your problem.

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