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Originally Posted by cuul59 View Post
Hi Birders;
I'm trying to find a source for replacement front seat back "scuff plates" as Ford calls them. They are the two flat seat stop plates that the seat back stop adjustable bolt rests on. They are about 1" by 2" and about 1/4" thick. There are two per seat and mine are toast. The Ford PN is 6361642 and I couldn't find them in the catalogs I have.

If they are not available, has anyone found a suitable material to make your own replacements? Seems easy, but not sure what to use.

Any and all ideas are welcome!

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Neil: I have two that came from a later model ( '64 to '66 ) driver seat . They look the same as the ones on my '58 and the two bolt hole centres are the same as well . Could send them if interested . One idea would be to find a shoe maker shop in your area or anyplace that handles leather shoe soles for repairs to shoes and or boots . That would probably work and make your own .

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