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Just started the install
probably not going to get it running until after I get back from finding the eclipse with the family next week.

But i took an hour off from cleaning the camper Sunday and got the 4100 off and the summit in place.

The carb fits good. Drops right in place.
What I ran into...

1 choke. I was able to change out the electric choke with a heat riser choke I had from an old Holley. Don't need to do it but I like that it looks kinda stock.

2 fuel line I put on the summit dual fuel inlet on, but I'm going to have to bend a new line with a 90*. Just after the dual fuel is the heater core hose on the front of the intake. There is just enough room to make the bend out to the center of the intake where I can follow the original line down.

3 linkage. The stock linkage goes in but the locking clip won't work on the summit. I'll probably just drill it and pin it if I can't find a clip that will work

4. Air cleaner bolt. I think I'm going to steal the center air cleaner bolt from the 4100. The summit is a two piece that I'm not to confident in.

In a week or so we'll see how she runs
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