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Interesting that Summit shows the Sanderson's fit the squarebirds, when I talked with Sanderson directly they told me, no they don't fit 58 to 60 thunderbirds and their web site now doesn't show an application for our squarebirds. They have the y block and they skip to the 61 Tbird.

They did say, if I brought my bird into them, they would be happy to make me a custom set. It's a 4 hour haul, but I saw no reason to pay for a custom set for the car.


Originally Posted by Tbird6 View Post
Hard to say but they look like they tried to have them fit as many cars as possible so probably not great for any one model.

I do see Square bird headers and they do look a good bit different?

But they are more expensive too. About $529-$369.
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