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Default RE: Power Windows

There can be three main problems when the power windows do not work -the rollers, the motors and the switches. First the rollers can be worn or bent. This is especially a problem for the rear quarter windows since the channels are under a lot of stress since the window not only lowers but also rotates. Unfortunately the channels for the rollers can also get worn and bent. These original channels can be difficult to locate because almost all Squarebirds have this problem. The key to preventing this is to keep the rollers and channels well lubricated.

The original metal rollers are hard to get. They sell replacements made of plastic for about $3.50 each. Be sure to get the right ones. Later year Fords also use plastic rollers, but these do not interchange. All the major Thunderbird vendors have Squarebird rollers. I got mine from Bobís Bird House and Pat Wilson.

If you have a clicking sound, the motor may be bad or jammed. Sometimes you can salvage a motor by taking it out and turning the shaft by hand while applying current. They sometimes stick from being unused for so long.

If the motor in the window is bad, they can be rebuilt.

No movement or sound on a window when moving a switch may indicate a burned, dirty or worn switch. If the problem is in the window switch, they can be taken apart and cleaned. Just watch out so you do not lose the tiny springs.

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