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Originally Posted by pbf777 View Post
O.K., here goes another opinion from the peanut gallery: first, before any disassembly, I would do a compression and more importantly, a leak-down test, in an attempt to establish a somewhat better understanding of the current condition of the engine.

And, for my other two cents: NOOOO! do not remove and replace the 430 MEL with something else!

Agree with compression and leakdown. besides fixing PCV, and maybe doing valve seals. Nothing else on engine should be done without both tests above.

I also agree on keeping 430. maybe it's not the easiest or cheapest, but if we all really wanted that, we could drop in 400 HP EFI LS motors for way cheaper than you can build a 390 (or even an injected smallblock ford).

Not sure if they are done yet, but this guy claims they have wedge pistons in the works.
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