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Originally Posted by RustyNCa View Post
Yes, the only issue I have had with the 1406 carbs, they seem to dissipate the fuel in the bowls faster than the Holleys so I end up cranking them longer?

But that could also be a symptom here in Ca due to our terrible mandated fuel and the ethanol content we have?
That dissipation is true for me too if she sits for a couple of days, and I use non-ethanol gas here in NY since it is still available.

Speaking of ethanol free gas, last summer I used
to locate stations that supposedly sell ethanol free, and had some surprises along the way from Buffalo to Harrisburg PA. This this year I'm heading to Ft Wayne IN I'm going to get more info and phone ahead to check on availability and whether the business actually still exists! Ran into both of those situations last year. I don't mind going a little out of the way if necessary, but to do so only to find a vacant filling station is a royal pain.....
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