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Originally Posted by Frango100 View Post
With the lights on, power from the back-up lights is going to the starter solenoid via the contacts in the Neutral switch, while moving the shift lever. The contacts on the shifter shaft look ok, so the problem must be with the Neutral switch contact.
NO! (Nyles may be right).

Starter Solenoid power BEGINS at the key switch ('S' terminal), and only when the key is turned to the far right.

If your starter solenoid energizes without the key switch turned, you must have a short circuit. Power is coming from somewhere. Crack out the meter or test light and trace power at the neutral switch (red/blue wires). Again, there should be no power on either wire until the key is turned.

This circuit is VERY simple because it is ONE wire. It goes from the key switch, through the neutral switch, passes through a plug/receptacle and ends at the starter solenoid. It shouldn't go anywhere else. - Dave
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