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Okay then. That cinches it. I need that whole part, even with the later trans. Thanks.
Actually, before the rebuild, the trans ran out (in rpm) in first and second no matter how light the throttle. it shifted the same. After he ran a VM line, it shifts much earlier at light throttle and shifts later (in rpm), when accelerating more. As far as the kickdown, it always 'worked' the same before and after, just too early because of the missing articulation in the linkage that allows the bell crank to rotate past the full throttle position and continue to advance the kickdown lever. It just always kicked down in mid-late throttle. The rebuilder had it adjusted as best it could be, given this odd, solid linkage. No idea where it came from. I've lived with it until now, my wife's pretty much of a 'cruiser'. Thanks again. Mike
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