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Default What Is This Golde Top Worth As Is?

I just spoke with Lance Harrington of Thunderbirds Southwest about this Golde Top. He certainly does own it, and has the title to it also. He confirmed that it is a shell, without an engine or tranny. It did have, at one time, a 352 engine and a COM in it, but I gather he did not get those. However, he has both that could be put in it. Overall, he says the Tbird is in pretty good condition, the rust is minimal, trunk is in really good condition, as is the interior. It is missing the steering wheel, but he has those on hand. It does have factory AC, and he said the Golde Top is in very good condition. It also has the unobtainian wind bar in place. The last I heard, that was selling for around $500 some years back. He just told me that if you try to buy one now, it will cost you about $3000. For $3,500 you can have that wind bar AND the Golde Top with everything that he has to go with it. That price is negotiable. Look below to see what else he had to say about it last year.

He says that a person could do three things with this Golde Top. Actually, there are probably four... 1) Buy it and restore it because over all, it is in pretty good condition. 2) Buy it, chop the Golde Top off it and put it on a '58, '59, or '60 so you can have a Golde Top, or 3) just use it as a parts car. You could probably get your money back just by selling the wind bar by itself! 4) One other thing that he says you could do if you happen to own a Grand Marque or a Crown Victoria, is buy it, chop the top off your Grand Marque or Crown Vic and make it a Golde Top! Just saying....

If you would like additional information, just contact Lance. His contact information is in the post below...

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