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Default CruiseOMaitc kickdown questions

My wife's 1960 coupe is (mechanically) non-original. I never researched the numbers, but the motor looked like a crate replacement, all blue, top to bottom. Runs great. When the trans needed a rebuild (reverse pawl), it came back with a vacumn line that was never there before. Of course, it shifts completely differently now with the VM hooked up. This forum tells me there was no vacumn modulator on the '60. So this is at least a '61 trans.
Here's the hitch. Along with all the unknown components, there's a homemade looking throttle setup. It's brazed up from some original parts, like the 'boomerang' base, the cross shaft and pedal rod. But all three connections (foot feed, carb, AND kickdown) are solid on the cross shaft. That is, they all 3 work in unison, without that slotted part with the spring that (I think) is for kickdown. (Correct me if that's not what it is.) Looking at pictures, it looks like the driver has to stretch that spring past the full throttle stop to get kickdown to second gear. Now, the car kicks down before full throttle, and it actually slows down. I can't adjust it out. The kickdown comes in before the R's are up. Questions: Am I thinking half way right? Do I need to get linkage with the 1960 kickdown gizmo? Maybe it wasn't used past 1960 on the VM trans and the later VM trans is correct without it? Anybody got a 61? With a spring. Or no spring? Ideas?
Thanks, Mike S.
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