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Default 1959 Thunderbird Parts Car For Sale $2900

This T-Bird has not been driven since 2002, and has been parked under a tarp since.

Because the car was placed under a tarp, the paint has puckered, and the car has surface rust issues. As well, it has rusted through in two spots that I can see (front end and behind the rear window. Front end has also dropped.

I have not opened the hood to check what the engine looks likes as I wasn't sure if the hinges have rusted and did not want to be stuck with the hood open. Interior is complete and is in good condition.

The front and rear bumpers alone are worth the asking price, and this would be either a great parts car or project car.

Car must be picked up, and will need to be flat-bedded with the assist of rollers.

Any other questions, please ask
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