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Originally Posted by Dakota Boy View Post
1. Center your wheels/steering wheel so the car would be going straight, if it was moving. 2. Now pull your steering wheel and position the C-shaped cancelling cam open end to be facing 9 o'clock.

Also check if your cam has worn grooves from nearly 60 years of use. If this is the case, reposition it to a spot that has no wear. It can also be flipped if needed. I think if the cam is worn down, it does pull the shift pawl far enough all the time.

My turn signals always acted a bit weird until I did this above today. Now they work great. I previously had the open end facing at 3 o'clock; which would seem now ,in my opinion, to be the wrong way.
I removed the steering wheel and got this to work correctly-almost. I reversed the C-clip and everything worked great until...

I installed a new turn signal lever with a very tiny lock washer just like the manual says, at least I think it's the manual. Nothing else will keep the lever from getting loose. Now once in a while the signal won't cancel on a right turn.

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