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Originally Posted by Deanj View Post
I like my power drum brakes. These seem adequate for normal driving as long as you know your limitations...
...However, it seems you can upgrade disc brakes with better rotors and pads, but drum brakes are limited to their design and lack of further development...
Drum brakes WERE quite adequate when everyone else had them too, and so were bias ply tires. Drivers had enough respect and courtesy for others, to put 'car lengths' of space according to their speed.

Not any more. Try giving a couple car lengths in today's rush hour traffic. By today's standards, classic brakes were weak but their horns were monsters. Now you know why.

Power disk brakes are amazing. They make your classic car stop just like a modern car. I have never heard of a single owner who went back to drums. The Squarebird retrofit could be easier (and it is for other cars). This change is one of the best moves you could make for yourself, your family and your car. It is well worth it. - Dave
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