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Originally Posted by mrfreeze View Post
I was able to locate my door/ignition key code so half of my problem is solved. Soon I'll be taking out the trunk cylinder & looking for a code on it. I was able to find a 92-key "Try-Out" key set for the Ford H26/H27 keys for sale online for $150. The manufacturer name is Aero and the part number is TO-118. I am seriously considering the purchase of this set to find my trunk key and make the set available for other classic Ford owners with missing keys to find & copy the keys they need. I am blind & my only income is from SSDI so $150 is somewhat of a big purchase which requires some thought. If I do order the set I will post to let everyone know how they work.
According to the description the set only fits door and ignition locks which are the same. The trunk and glove box locks are different. I know there are many more than 92 combinations of locks so I'm not sure if that set will help. I would hate to see you spend $150 and still not find the correct key.

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