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Yeah, drums can be a pain. I'd like to do disks, esp since those scarebird pioneers worked out all the part numbers and rim tips. But not in the middle of 'driving season' when we want to be using it. Maybe this off season.
And bad/wrong parts! I remember a water pump that didn't fit. Too long a shaft as I remember. I think some rebuilders mis-identify their incoming returns. Speaking of which: I see my worn shoes are thin in the middle, and almost original at the ends. Like they're too small by a smidge. So when I look in the Concourse catalog, they show 1960 shoes to be 11&1/32. The earlier shoes were 11". Hmmm. Then I recall a thread here where someone thought their drums were already cut to the limit, being 11.90 (or was it 11.09?). Anyway, then he found out no, they are over 11 originally, and he could cut them out more. So right away, I wonder if I was running 11" shoes thanks to a mistaken supplier. I think I'll get shoes from out T-Bird specialists who seem to know the differences. Maybe look into radiusing them...
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