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Originally Posted by bygrace View Post
True, true, Dean. That's just one more reason there's so much on here about the disk brake conversion. Although I've never had much, if any, pulling problem. There's plenty good reasons to do the conversion.
And hey, simply connected: Is that what you meant by 'staying out of water'? Disks aren't bothered by water like drums? I'm assuming here. Mike
I meant it very literally, stay out of water with drum brakes. They hold water if not 'dried out' immediately. Disks are open, cannot pool water and they dry out fast.

Self adjusters are never used on disk brakes because the pads don't have retract springs. Drum brakes do.

I have seen just about every combination of mis-matched sets of shoes possible. I'm not alone, here. Sometimes primary and secondary shoes look similar but they clearly are not. This is partially the reason for pulling brakes but not the only reason.

Our '59 Galaxie pulled terribly, one way when the brakes were cold then the opposite way when warm. It was frustrating and it proved the necessity for a huge steering wheel diameter. Disk brakes solved all those problems.

Self adjusting components are housed in a semi-enclosed and confined space. They are made of simple and cheap sheet metal and cable. If the star wheel and associated components start to rust from driving through flooded streets, they tend to bind and stop working. There are many times I pulled star wheels out just to free them up. Sometimes this was part of a brake shoe change and sometimes it was just because the self adjusters stopped working.

Do all shoes have correct holes for self adjusters? Hey, I'm a restorer/hobbiest/etc. I have drilled holes in shoes that should have been there but weren't (particularly on re-lined shoes). I have made new slots in the back plates because the OEM hole was not inline with the new self adjuster's star wheel.

That's my luck. How many of you bought a PAIR of new McPherson struts in sealed boxes with RH & LH part numbers, brought them home to a car waiting on jack stands and opened the SECOND ONE to find out it was the same-hand as the first. Of course by the second strut install, the store was closed and I was a mess. That's my luck. - Dave
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