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Originally Posted by eddy blackstar View Post
...what brand is the gen as i will get a full rebuild kit...
Ian, I've never heard of a 'kit' for generators. It is easy to forecast when brushes might wear out but not bearings or Bendix gears, etc.

Many generators seemingly go on forever on the same bearings. Others usually give early indications like noises or flickering GEN lights when things go bad.

Look in and notice the different parts under 'Electrical' for your generator. I do not advocate for buying parts you don't need. That is why it's important to clean and inspect your generator. Some parts, like the armature, are not sold separately. They used to be, but not any more.

If your charging system is healthy, usually a good cleaning and maybe some new brushes are all that is necessary. It's impossible to know however, without seeing the condition of the commutator segments on the armature and the end plate that holds four brushes. - Dave
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