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Default Thanks for the info!

I want to thank everyone for the info. I got the glove box open & removed that lock mechanism but couldn't find anything that would reveal the key code. I was thinking of taking it to a locksmith or Ford Dealer to see if there was anything they could do with it. I did a search before with terms like "key" and "lock cylinder" but didn't notice the how-to in the tech section. Maybe my search was too narrow & didn't include that forum. I'll see what I have for extensions & see what I can do to get the trunk open.

I have the interior door panels off and looked at/felt the lock cylinder but can't quite tell how to remove it. I was expecting a retaining clip but it feels like there is a quite large clip with the opening facing the front of the car and the "clip" or large piece of flat metal seems to extend to the back edge of the door, so it doesn't appear to be an easy job to just pop it out. If I could at least get that key code it would make things easier.

I was wondering how many different key codes there might be- especially for the trunk/glove box key. If it isn't too many it might be worth having all of them made- especially if one could get a good price on a large quantity of blanks & maybe a volume discount on having them cut. If you consider the cost of drilling and replacing cylinders (not to mention the time and effort involved) it might not be such a bad idea. Then whenever one of the forum members needs a key the full set could be mailed, the person could determine which one theyneed, have it copied & return the full set. Of course I don't know how many codes there are but if it is an Alphabet based system as DKheld's picture suggests, it could be 26 or fewer possibilities per key type.

Regarding the original title- I would have suggested "losing" the title as well. I had to apply for a lost title once to sell a car that I had the title for... somewhere... but couldn't locate in a timely manner. It cost a bit extra in fees but if you had an original title that you wanted to retain it is well worth the cost. As for my T-bird- I bought it without a title so I had to apply for a bonded title. I think the bond might have cost $100 and after 3 or 5 years it becomes a clear title. My T-bird was probably from the original owner- it was licensed until 1971 and kept in a barn until 2005 when the family farm was sold off and the barn torn down. The owner was in a retirement home and I believe was afflicted with Alzheimer's so a neighbor was handling the sale for the family. The car was complete minus one headlight. Odometer shows 23k but the motor was tight, interior was shot & rockers and rear wheel wells were rusted out. (Minnesota car) The floors were surprisingly solid- looks like it had undercoating from the factory or dealer. Anyway, I paid something like $750 for it in 2005 and no one has challenged the title.
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