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Almost certain these are the original key sets delivered with our car new. Set on the right has more wear - was my Dad's set and he used the car as a daily driver for around 10 years.

The square key has "FORD" at the top and "USA" at the base. on the opposite side of the square key - "FORD" is at the top and a small "I" at the base.

The round key is the same but has an "H" at the base on the opposite side from "USA".

As Carl mentioned I don't see any other numbers on the keys (sorry I had to black out the teeth - figured with my luck someone would figure out how to copy them and steal the car - - what a world we live in today).

I do have the original title and warranty info although not with me - I'll check to see if any key numbers were recorded on that info when I'm able to get to it.

Also I know my Dad had to replace one of the lock cylinders on the door in the 80's. Still have that info too where he wrote a letter asking about getting it keyed correctly (the good old days) and I believe there was a number recorded on that order form. The square key does still operate both doors and the ignition.

Harbor Freight has a couple of nice long extensions to remove the latch hook as Dave mentions but I wonder if a locksmith would be cheaper?



Funny story on having the original title. Went to the tag office to transfer the title to my name after my Dad died. Asked the lady behind the counter if there was a way they could stamp "void" on the title and send it back to me. She said no - once it's sent off there is no process to return the old one. She said - but if I didn't have the old title - say it was "lost" or something - you could just apply for a new title. So I'm standing there looking at the old title thinking - it's not lost - lets figure out a way to get it returned - then it hit me.
I said - oh - thanks ! - took a lost title form - went over to the table and filled it out - got back in line. When I got to the same lady - she says " I see you need to apply for a lost title"
Got the new title in my name (of course I had to have P.O.A. and death certificate stuff) and got tot keep the original title. Wish more folks at the DMV were as helpful as she was.
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